Little Rascal Sterling North

ISBN: 9780525338543

Published: August 5th 1969


80 pages


Little Rascal  by  Sterling North

Little Rascal by Sterling North
August 5th 1969 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 80 pages | ISBN: 9780525338543 | 9.67 Mb

I found this book at a thrift store and was reminded of making a clay raccoon in school in the fifth grade, when it seems my teacher either read the book to us, or perhaps we read it ourselves... It looked like a very good book, and one that would be perfect for introducing chapter books to children if the opportunity ever lends itself to me.I just finished it (in one setting) and am sure it is the same book.

And it is WONDERFUL. And full of beautiful, realistic illustrations. The little boys love for the raccoon is expressed so well that I dont think the reader (or listener?) can help but feel it, too. And it is full of such cute and at times humorous descriptions and stories, such as Rascals washing his first sugar cube (which of course dissolved). I wondered if the book was based on a true story... some things seem far-fetched but for the most part I imagined it as something which really happened, and wether or not it did, that adds to the genius of the story-telling/the book itself.

(Or perhaps the naivety of the reader :)).The ending is bittersweet, sad even, tear-jerking, but it is the best way the book could have ended and teaches an important lesson.As I read this I thought of my friend Liz and what she says about animals teaching us about Gods love for us.

Seen in such a light, Rascal certainly was a special gift to this young boy, whom he loved and cared for, and was a companion to him in times of sadness. A beautiful story which teaches respect for Gods creation and creatures. And that as God gives us gifts (graces?), so we must be willing to give them back.

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